wise 7 day mre pack
Wise Long Term Food Storage
Wise long term food storage offers nutritious, freeze dried, long term food in a variety of sizes and types in convenient packaging with a 25 year shelf life.
Wise long term MRE food storage is the most efficient and convenient way to supply your family with an emergency supply of long term, nutritious, freeze dried foods, ready to eat, with a 25 year shelf life. You can't go wrong buying food because, no matter what, you're always going to have to eat. Wise freeze dried MRE's are prepared by simply adding back the water that was removed. Freeze drying delivers superior nutrition and taste and makes your food stores lighter and more compact. Wise foods come sealed in mylar pouches which are then sealed in airtight buckets that are square and nest together for the safest most efficient storage possible.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast

Beef and Noodle Entre

Cheezy Lasagna Entre

Chicken and Rice Entre

Chili Mac Entre

Long Term Pasta Alfredo

Dry Whey Milk - 120 serving

Real Dried Eggs - 24 serving

Freeze Dried Vegetables - 120 serving

Freeze Dried Fruits - 120 serving

Meat Packages - MRE Long Term 60 serving

Long Term Breakfast buckets 120 serving

Long Term Entre bucket 120 serving

7 day emergency food supply bucket

Emergency Essential Bug Out Backpack

Emergency Advanced Survival Bag.

240 Serving Grab n Go Mixed MRE bucket

360 Serving Mixed Grab n Go MRE bucket

480 Serving Long Term Emergency Food Store

600 Meat Servings Long Term Emergency food storage

720 Day Long Term Emergency Food Storage

1080 Serving Long Term Emergency Food Strorage

2160 Serving Long Term Emergency Food Stroage

2880 Serving Long Term Food Storage

4320 Serving Long Term Emergency Food Storage